Management And Employee Training

A well-educated and trained management team is the best way to minimize or avoid workplace problems. Our attorneys favor a proactive approach to labor and employment issues, and our firm offers a host of training programs that can be tailored to meet your company’s particular needs. These programs include:

  • Union avoidance
  • Workplace Diversity
  • Anti-discrimination and harassment training for employees and supervisors
  • Employment law for supervisors and human resources personnel
  • Conducting internal investigations and documenting discipline
  • Managing an at-will workforce
  • Progressive discipline and just cause
  • Leave of absence administration, including FMLA obligations
  • Strategies for ADA reasonable accommodations
  • Navigating Nevada’s unique laws on minimum wage, independent contractors and mandatory leave

The firm also trains first-time supervisors through its “Supervisor 101” program. Supervisory roles require skills that many otherwise highly-performing employees have not developed when they first become a member of management. Such a skills deficit can result in serious legal trouble if workplace issues arise and are poorly handled or are left unresolved.

Internal Investigations

A thorough and carefully conducted internal investigation is an important tool employers use to uncover and remedy many workplace issues, including harassment, discrimination, retaliation, policy infractions, and ethical violations. A willingness to investigate a complaint from a third party or an employee shows that the employer takes the matter seriously. This approach often goes a long way toward reaching a favorable resolution. A prompt and thorough investigation is also the cornerstone of an employer’s defense in certain legal actions to show that it acted diligently and in good faith. Our attorneys are highly skilled at conducting investigations, and you can rely on us. Whether the matter is sensitive, involves high-ranking individuals, or you do not have sufficient time or internal resources to devote to an investigation, we can help.

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