About Us

Nevada businesses turn to Kamer Zucker Abbott for its skillful and experienced approach to labor and employment law issues. Our attorneys have advised clients, negotiated contracts, and litigated disputes as Nevada has grown, changed, and evolved. For decades, we have been on the front lines of every major labor and employment development impacting Nevada’s employers. We have partnered with Nevada businesses over numerous legal issues, including arbitration, drug testing, appearance standards, harassment, tip pooling, and legalized marijuana. We have supported Nevada’s employers through years of explosive growth and unprecedented recession, as well as through the most challenging events of our times – 9/11, the 1 October mass shooting tragedy, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

If it happened in Nevada’s labor and employment arena, we have been involved – analyzing, counseling, advising, advocating, and battling. KZA is uniquely positioned to continue our work as Nevada’s leading boutique labor and employment law firm for years to come.