Handbooks, Policies And Contracts

Developing and implementing good workplace policies and procedures help employers maintain a fair, stable work environment and minimize the legal risks that are a part of any employment relationship.  Similarly, drafting clear and concise employee and other work-related contracts is a good way of protecting against the possibility of disputes or serious litigation.

Our firm has extensive experience drafting:

  • Employee handbooks and manuals
  • Anti-harassment policies, including sexual harassment policies
  • At-will employment policies
  • Leave of absence policies, including those governed by the FMLA
  • Internal grievance and dispute resolution policies
  • Arbitration policies and procedures
  • Absenteeism policies
  • Drug testing policies
  • Confidentiality policies

These types of policies allow employers to set out expectations and develop effective communications that mitigate risk.

In addition, our attorneys are experienced in drafting employment contracts and related agreements regarding:

  • Non-competition/Non-solicitation
  • Trade secrets/Confidential Information
  • Intellectual property
  • Independent Contractors

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