Nevada Gaming Commission Adopts Final Regulatory Amendments To Address Discrimination And Harassment

Volume: 18 | Issue: 22
December 9, 2019

On November 21, 2019, the Nevada Gaming Commission adopted amendments to Regulation 5 to address the issue of workplace discrimination and harassment, finalizing an effort that began in March 2018.

The revised regulation requires any licensed gaming establishment or other gaming business that employs 15 or more employees to adopt and implement written polices and procedures prohibiting workplace discrimination and harassment. The regulation sets forth specific requirements for such policies and provides for their inspection by Gaming Control. This portion of the amendments becomes effective March 1, 2020.

Effective immediately, the revised regulation also provides that failure to comply with laws relating to workplace discrimination or harassment is grounds for disciplinary action toward a licensee, a registrant, or a person found suitable by the Commission.

If you have any questions about the revised regulation, please contact a KZA attorney.

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