Gaming Control Board To Develop Sexual Harassment Regulations

Volume 17, Issue 4
March 6, 2018

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has announced that it intends to develop regulations or “minimum internal control standards” addressing licensees’ sexual harassment policies, procedures and training. The Board has determined that in order to protect public confidence and trust in the gaming industry, it must address the issue of sexual harassment – “one of the most frequent complaints in the workplace.”

The Board intends to conduct a workshop on this issue to seek input from “stakeholder parties.” In the meantime, the Board invites licensees to submit suggestions or ideas on this subject to: [email protected]. Additionally, the Board has provided a checklist that licensees can use to review their sexual harassment policies and a sample sexual harassment complaint reporting form. While this checklist “sets out elements that may be considered for implementation as regulations or minimum internal control standards,” the Board stresses that, for now, it is only a guide.

The Board’s notice is judicious, but the message is clear: All gaming licensees need strong policies against sexual harassment and may face discipline from the Gaming Control Board for willfully allowing sexual harassment to continue in the workplace. We encourage our gaming clients to consider providing information to the Gaming Control Board on this issue, and we will keep you posted as to the Board’s upcoming workshop.

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