Updated Guidance Clarifies Rules For Live Vocal Performances

Volume: 19 | Issue: 65
October 16, 2020

Yesterday, the Governor’s Office issued revisions to the Nevada Guidance for Safe Gatherings to clarify the rules for live vocal performers. The updated guidance provides that vocal performers can remove face coverings during any performance (not just musical performances) when a face covering cannot be worn due to the nature of the performance as long as social distancing is maintained. Additionally, the guidance expands the definition of vocal performers to “include performers who rely on the ability to communicate verbally with their audience and the ability of their audience to interpret such verbal communication, including but not limited to singers, comedians, magicians, etc.”

The press release announcing these revisions states that “[a]ll other mitigation measures related to live entertainment remain the same, including that gathering hosts and organizers must adopt seating and spacing modifications to allow for a minimum of 25 feet between individuals and the performer(s), competitor(s) or entertainer(s) on the stage, field, etc.” The revisions can be found on page 18 of the Guidance for Safe Gatherings.

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