Scott Abbott Named Top 10 Nevada Labor & Employment Lawyer

Volume: 22 | Issue: 49
November 16, 2023

KZA is proud to announce that Scott Abbott, our managing partner, has been recognized by Business Today as a Top 10 Nevada Labor & Employment Lawyer.

Business Today explains: “In the complex field of Labor & Employment law, skilled representation is a necessity for businesses looking to navigate the intricate webs of negotiations, disputes, and litigation. In the state of Nevada, the Labor & Employment landscape is rich with a diverse array of adept lawyers dedicated to securing the best possible outcomes for their clients.”

“The skilled lawyers that we delve into in this article not only possess deep experience and knowledge in their area of expertise, but also manifest a commitment to maintaining the rights and interests of their clients whether they are employers or employees.”

Scott is described as “a seasoned employment litigator who regularly advises on medical and disability leave issues” and is “frequently lauded for his excellent counsel and pleasant professional demeanor.”

We at KZA know that Scott is an exceptional lawyer and person, and we are thrilled for this recognition of his talents and reputation.

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