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Volume: 21 | Issue: 46
November 7, 2022

Topic: 2022 Labor Law Review: Are Unions Cool Again?

Date: Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Time: 1:00 to 2:30 PM

According to a number of media outlets and labor pundits, “unions are cool again.” While it remains to be seen whether such a contention is fact or fiction, there is no denying that a variety of recent factors have produced an unprecedented wave of union victories over the past year. A slew of additional policy and enforcement changes are also underway by the Biden NLRB. Is your company prepared to handle the related labor relations challenges? 

Please save the date for KZA’s 2022 labor law webinar where KZA attorneys Gregg Kamer, Eddie Keller, Nicole Martin and Dare Heisterman will discuss the trends, controversies, and labor law changes that are reshaping the workplaces of both non-union and unionized employers. Topics will include:

  • Emerging labor relations trends.
  • Increases in union organizing.
  • NLRB enforcement statistics.
  • Employers’ recent experiences before Region 28 of the NLRB’s General Counsel’s Office.
  • Legal ramifications of the NLRB’s most significant 2022 rulings.
  • The status of the NLRB General Counsel’s intention to significantly change the law on employee  handbook rules, NLRB remedies, the independent contractor test, the size of bargaining units, and secret ballot union representation elections.
  • The NLRB’s proposed rule on the joint-employer test.
  • The NLRB General Counsel’s new 2022 enforcement positions on employer electronic monitoring, remedies in ULP charge settlements, agency goals for ULP charge investigations, captive audience and other mandatory meetings, injunctive relief, and ensuring rights and remedies for immigrant workers.
  • Labor unions and the DOL’s weaponization of employers’ use of labor consultants.
  • Unions’ covert and overt “salting” of companies with paid union organizers.
  • Positive labor relations efforts employers should undertake to foster stable and productive workplaces.

Registration information will be forth coming. We hope you can join us! 

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