Nevada OSHA Announces Changes To COVID-19 Enforcement Process

Volume: 19 | Issue: 67
November 4, 2020

The Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration (NV OSHA) has announced changes to its COVID-19 enforcement procedures for businesses in counties with elevated disease transmission. The procedures originally established by NV OSHA provided that a business found to be in violation of general or industry-specific COVID-19 requirements would be first issued a reminder notice. An investigation, which could lead to a citation, would not be opened unless continued violations were found upon a second, follow-up visit.

“In light of increasing COVID-19 infection rates,” NV OSHA has changed these procedures for businesses in counties with elevated disease transmission. Now, NV OSHA will open an investigation at the first visit to a business in a county with elevated disease transmission if violations of COVID-19 general or industry-specific requirements are found. If a citation is issued, a notice will be provided with the citation indicating that in the event of future noncompliance, the business may be ordered to cease all activity at that location until the business has established and implemented operating procedures to comply with Nevada’s COVID-19 requirements.

In all other counties, NV OSHA will follow the enforcement process previously outlined, which is detailed in the November 2, 2020 announcement.

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