Nevada Labor Commissioner To Hold Public Hearing On Changes To Prevailing Wage Regulations

Volume 17, Issue 14
July 10, 2018

The Nevada Labor Commissioner has scheduled a public hearing on July 31, 2018 to receive comments from all interested parties regarding changes to the regulations addressing public works projects and the prevailing wage requirement. Written comments must be submitted by July 24, 2018.

Chapter 338 of the Nevada Revised Statutes (“NRS”) governs public works projects undertaken by public bodies (such as the state or a county, city, town, or school district). NRS 338.020 requires that all contracts for public works projects provide express terms for the payment of a prevailing wage designated by the Labor Commissioner. The Labor Commissioner’s Regulations interpreting and applying Chapter 338’s requirements for public works projects are set forth in the Nevada Administrative Code (“NAC”).

The Labor Commissioner has proposed changes to NAC 338 in part to address Assembly Bill 172, passed by the 2015 Nevada Legislature, which changed the way the prevailing wage is calculated. The Labor Commissioner specifies that the proposed amended regulations also clarify when payment of the prevailing wage is required and when workers, including truck drivers, are subject to the prevailing wage requirement.

If your employees are subject to the prevailing wage requirement, you will want to review the proposed changes to Nevada’s regulations. Should you have any questions or if you would like assistance with preparing written or oral feedback to the Labor Commissioner on the proposed regulations, please contact a KZA attorney.

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