KZA’s Take On Nevada’s 2020 Judicial Election

Volume: 19 | Issue: 23
May 4, 2020

Nevada’s state primary election will be held this year on June 9, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision has been made to restrict the primary election to mail-in balloting. As a result, there will be no in-person voting this year. Among the races on this year’s ballot are several judicial seats, including those for the Nevada Supreme Court, the Eighth Judicial District Court, the Family Court Division and Justices of the Peace. The pandemic has put all of the judicial candidates in a very difficult and uncomfortable position, as their campaign events and efforts have necessarily been canceled or restricted due to Nevada’s stay-at-home order.

As one of the highest-ranked law firms in southern Nevada, Kamer Zucker Abbott (KZA) receives requests from our clients and friends each election cycle as to our recommendations among the judicial candidates. Our firm is privileged to work with many qualified judges and attorneys in our practice, and the quality of Nevada’s judicial bench is extremely important to us and our clients. We are pleased that our years of experience before Nevada’s courts and administrative bodies and our long-standing membership in the Nevada legal community enable us to provide input as to which lawyers and judges we believe can offer Nevada the best and most ethical judicial service.

This year, we have decided to publish our recommendations among the judicial candidates. We have listed below the judicial seats you will see on the 2020 ballot and which individual KZA, as a firm, recommends for that seat, if any. These are individuals the firm supports for election or re-election. If you have questions about these individuals, or any other judicial candidates, please contact a KZA attorney.


 Seat B Pickering, Kristina
 Seat D Herndon, Douglas
 Department 1 Yeager, Bita “Marie”
 Department 2 Scott, Richard
 Department 3 Ganz, Adam
 Department 4 Aurbach, Phil
 Department 5 Coffing, Terry
 Department 6 Bluth, Jacqueline
 Department 8 Atkin, Trevor
Department 15 Hardy, Jr., Joe
Department 17 Villani, Michael
Department 18 Hunt, John A.
Department 19 Kephart, William “Bill”
Department 20 Johnson, Eric
Department 21 Reynolds, Jacob
Department 22 Johnson, Susan Holland
Department 23 Armstrong, Karl W.
Department 24 Vadala, Joe ill”
Department 28 No recommendation
Department 29 Jones, David M.
Department 31 Kishner, Joanna
Department 32 Bare, Rob


Department A Voy, William
Department E Hoskin, Charles J. “Chuck”
Department G Forsberg, Rhonda K.
Department I Bailey, Soonhee “Sunny”
Department J McDonald, J. Scott
Department M Mastin, Amy M.
Department P Dayani, Sara
Department S Ochoa, Vincent
Department T Stoffel, Jason
Department U Throne, Dawn
Department V Pickard, Margaret E.
Department W Rocheleau, Stacy Michelle
Department X Almase, Heidi
Department Y Molnar, Kari
Department Z Speed, Kevin
Department 2 George, Stephen L.
Department 12 Sullivan, Diana L.
Department 3 Lee, Chris


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