KZA’s Scott Abbott Publishes Article On Civility

Volume: 22 | Issue: 18
May 11, 2023

We are proud to announce that Scott Abbott has published an article in the May issue of the Nevada Lawyer entitled “Civility: A Guide For Attorneys.” The Nevada Lawyer is a publication of the State Bar of Nevada.

Scott addresses the importance of civility at all times between attorneys and highlights the distinction between advocacy and warfare. While attorneys have a duty to zealously represent their clients’ interests, the opposing counsel is not the enemy and should be treated with respect at all times. Judges do not appreciate spats between counsel and untoward sparring can actually harm the progression of a case and even result in sanctions. Being civil and courteous to counsel does not signify weakness; it shows professionalism.

Civility and professionalism at all times are essential to establishing a lawyer’s favorable reputation in the legal community and with the judges and administrative agencies that make decisions affecting the lawyer’s clients. KZA proudly embraces these standards to deliver the highest level of zealous and ethical representation of our clients. We thank Scott for his wise counsel and invite you to review his article.

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