KZA’s Eddie Keller Interviewed On Union Organizing Campaigns

Volume: 21 | Issue: 48
November 17, 2022

Partner Eddie Keller of Kamer Zucker Abbott was recently interviewed by the Las Vegas Review-Journal regarding a union election petition filed by employees of Starbucks Las Vegas.

As Eddie explained, union organizing campaigns and victories are on the rise. This is due to many factors such as the pandemic, a tight labor market, a new generation of workers, a majority of U.S. adults viewing labor unions favorably (despite only a few workers actually belonging to one), the country’s contentious political climate, and ongoing changes to federal labor laws as part of President Biden’s promise to lead the most pro-union administration in history.

In this climate, the threat of union organizing exists for all employers, even those once considered “unorganizable.” Businesses can no longer afford to assume that their workforce is immune to union campaigns, especially in Nevada – a highly-organized state. We encourage all Nevada businesses to learn more about union organizing methods and what employers can do to proactively prepare for such activity.

A good place to start is attending KZA’s upcoming webinar and reaching out to a KZA attorney. KZA has a strong bench of traditional labor lawyers. We can help you develop and implement positive labor relations strategies to foster stable and productive workplaces, train managers and supervisors on the do’s and don’ts of labor law, and respond to union election petitions and unfair labor practice charges filed with the National Labor Relations Board.

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