Gaming Control Updates Health and Safety Policies

Volume: 20 | Issue: 11
February 16, 2021

In response to the recent changes to Nevada’s COVID-19 mitigation measures as set forth in Emergency Directive 37, the Gaming Control Board has updated its Health and Safety Policies for restricted and nonrestricted licensees.

With regard to nonrestricted licensees, Gaming Control highlights the following two points:

(1) “Licensees’ plans that have been granted approval by the Board with variances for partitions at gaming tables, partitions between gaming machines, and other such variances will remain in effect under the restrictions imposed by Emergency Directive 037. New reopening/operational plans do not need to be submitted based on the updated capacity restrictions.”

(2) “[R]egardless of the ownership and operational structure of a food and beverage establishment within a licensee’s property, it is incumbent upon the licensee to ensure that its food and beverage tenants are fully complying with section 13 of Emergency Directive 037 and every applicable provision of other emergency directives. The Board will consider the imposition of disciplinary action on a licensee whose tenants are out of compliance with such requirements.”

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