Don’t Miss KZA’s Special Briefing On New Senate Bills!

Volume: 19 | Issue: 53
August 24, 2020
Date: August 25, 2020, 11:00 AM
Topic: Senate Bills 3 and 4 

There is still time to register for KZA’s special briefing on Senate Bills 3 and 4 – the new laws passed by the Nevada Legislature during its recent special session. Senate Bill 3 makes changes to unemployment laws and applies, in part, retroactively. Senate Bill 4 provides COVID-19 liability protection for many Nevada employers; it also mandates a host of COVID-19 protocols for hotels, resorts, casinos, and other rental facilities in Clark and Washoe counties, including more paid leave.

In this special, 30-minute briefing provided only to KZA clients, partners Todd Creer and Jen Sarafina will discuss the expanded definition of “unemployed” adopted by Senate Bill 3, changes to the disqualification period, and the expansion of “suitable” reasons for refusing to work. We will also review Senate Bill 4’s protocols for public accommodation facilities to limit the transmission of COVID-19, new requirements for testing and paid leave for employees of public accommodation facilities, and how and under what circumstances immunity from COVID-19 personal injury liability may be available to Nevada employers.

To register for the briefing, click here.

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