Worklaw® Network

Kamer Zucker Abbott is the exclusive Nevada member of Worklaw® Network, an international group of distinguished, independent labor and employment law firms that devote their entire practice to representing employers.  In addition to its own wealth of experience and skill, KZA's Worklaw® Network membership provides clients with the combined knowledge of over three hundred additional management-side labor and employment attorneys across the United States alone.

Worklaw® Network members operate a secure e-mail discussion list that allows attorneys to continuously communicate with each other and share advice and information on all aspects of labor and employment law, including emerging issues and trends.  Worklaw® Network allows the firm to assist clients who operate nationwide by providing an instant labor and employment link to firms in states where state-specific advice is needed.  Worklaw® Network has rigorous quality standards and extensive screening procedures to ensure only the best management side labor and employment law firms are selected. It has brought together an exceptional group of accomplished and conscientious practitioners.