Advice And Counseling

Some employers have a team of talented and knowledgeable professionals to handle employee-related issues.  Others do not have such internal resources.  Regardless, the complex legal landscape of labor and employment issues calls for employers to act as prudently as possible before making decisions that could subject them to significant liability.  As a result, employers are often well-served by placing a telephone call or sending an email to experienced counsel to ensure they are proceeding on the right path.  At Kamer Zucker Abbott, a substantial component of our practice is counseling all types of employers on a plethora of labor and employment-related issues.

No matter how simple or complex the question, the attorneys of Kamer Zucker Abbott strive to provide easily understandable advice to guide an employer in their workplace decision-making.  Attorneys are often referred to as "counselors," and that is most definitely one of the most important roles in which we serve our clients.  Simply stated, KZA counsels employers in a manner that serves their business needs without inadvertently exposing them to legal challenges.

Some common questions KZA attorneys address on a daily basis include:

  • Do I have to give a terminated employee a copy of his employment file?
  • What should I do with this wage garnishment I just received?
  • An employee had a cash shortage. Can I deduct the amount from her paycheck?
  • How do I know if an employee is exempt from overtime?
  • I just received a harassment complaint. How should I proceed?
  • Can I fire this employee?

If your business is working through these types of issues, or ever has similar types of questions, seeking out early advice and counseling can potentially save your organization hours of work and thousands of dollars in legal costs.  Our clients are often gratified by the clarity and direction that can result from as little as a 10-minute phone call.

To speak with a KZA attorney, call 702-259-8640 or email the firm.