KZA Partner Carol Davis Zucker Publishes Article On a Developing Tort Theory Used By Employees Against Employers

Volume 14, Issue 5
March 9, 2015

As part of the inaugural issue of the Nevada Practitioners' Journal of Labor and Employment Law, KZA partner Carol Davis Zucker discusses employees' use of a novel tort claim against their current and former employers for the alleged breach of a special relationship. In her article, entitled An Enigma Inside a Puzzle: Confidential and Special Relationships and Their Limited Application in the Employment Context, Carol analyzes the basis for such claims and the rare circumstances where courts have found a special relationship to exist with regard to a worker's employment, thereby providing employees with an additional, independent cause of action.

The Nevada Practitioners' Journal of Labor and Employment Law is a publication of the Labor and Employment Law Section of the State Bar of Nevada. Carol, as well as KZA partner Edwin Keller, is a prior Chairperson of the Labor and Employment Law Section.

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