Early voting began on October 18, and continues to October 31, with election day on November 4, 2014. KZA recognizes the direct and significant impact that decisions of Nevada's judiciary have on the lives of Nevada citizens and businesses. Accordingly, selecting qualified judicial candidates takes on a critical importance each election cycle.

As KZA is often asked to do by its clients and friends, the law firm has prepared a list of judicial candidates that it supports based on the firm's knowledge of, experience, and interactions with the individual candidates. If any judicial candidate in a particular race does not appear in the list below, the attorneys at KZA did not reach a consensus on the candidate; however, the attorneys at KZA would be more than happy to discuss with you their views on specific judicial candidates if you are interested in speaking with them. KZA has not set forth any endorsements for family court judges given KZA's sole focus on labor and employment matters, but individual attorneys at the law firm would be happy to share any insights they have on particular family court judicial races upon inquiry.

Before setting forth KZA's endorsed judicial candidates, KZA also wishes to urge a "YES" vote on Nevada Ballot Question 1. As many of you know, Nevada is one of the few remaining state court systems without an intermediate appellate court. This means that all appeals go directly to the Nevada Supreme Court, making our Supreme Court one of the busiest in the nation. While the Nevada Supreme Court excels in its constitutional responsibilities, the absence of an intermediate appellate court often results in the delay of justice due to the inevitable backlog of cases pending before the Supreme Court. An intermediate appellate court would help to reduce that backlog and make access to justice more timely. As a result, KZA proudly endorses a "YES" vote on Nevada Ballot Question 1.

The judicial candidates endorsed by KZA are:

Department 2: Scotti, Richard

Department 3: Herndon, Douglas W.

Department 4: Earley, Kerry Louise

Department 5: Ellsworth, Carolyn

Department 8: Guerci-Nyhus, Christine

Department 14: Escobar, Adriana

Department 19: Kephart, William "Bill"

Department 20: Tao, Jerry

Department 22: Johnson, Susan

Department 23: Miley, Stefany A.

Department 24: Crockett, Jim

Department 25: Delaney, Kathleen E.

Department 28: Israel, Ron

Department 30: Wiese, Jerry A.

Department 32: Bare, Rob

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