Jury Service Scam Alert!

Volume 12, Issue 8
October 26, 2013

The Eighth Judicial District Court of Nevada has informed the State Bar of Nevada of a scam relating to jury service. Individuals falsely identifying themselves as law enforcement officers are phoning Clark County citizens claiming that an arrest warrant has been issued against them for failure to appear for jury service. The scammers then offer to dismiss the warrant for a sum of money. The State Bar of Nevada has asked attorneys to advise concerned clients that these phone calls are not coming from court officials, nor are they authorized or approved by the court. Residents should not disclose any personal information to these callers, but should report the matter to law enforcement officials for investigation. A key red flag to be aware of is any request for money. No official representatives of the court will call to solicit money for any purposes. Please consider alerting your employees to this latest consumer scam. Information on legitimate jury service can be found on the District Court's website. A jury phone line is also available at (702) 455-4472.

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