ALERT - Nevada Labor Commissioner Proposes Revised Wage And Hour Regulations And Invites Immediate Public Comment

Volume 9, Issue 1
February 24, 2010

The Nevada Labor Commissioner has proposed a revised set of regulations interpreting Chapter 608 of the Nevada Revised Code which governs wage and hour requirements for Nevada employers. The Labor Commissioner has invited public comments on the proposed regulations. Written submissions must be received by the Labor Commissioner on or before March 11, 2010. Public hearings on the proposed regulations have also been scheduled for February 24 in Las Vegas and March 10 in Carson City; however, the February 24 hearing has been temporarily cancelled due to the Nevada Legislature's present Special Session. The proposed regulations address various wage and hour issues, such as rounding and adjustment of time clock records, the salary test for overtime exemptions and deductions from exempt employees' salaries, deductions from tips for credit/debit card fees, payment to employees for preparatory and clean up activities, the tests to be used for executive and administrative employees, and overtime requirements and calculations. Kamer Zucker Abbott is analyzing the proposed regulations and will attend the Las Vegas public hearing. We encourage our clients to look closely at these regulations and communicate your questions or concerns to the Labor Commissioner. Additionally, if there is a point you would like us to consider as we prepare our comments to the Labor Commissioner, please call or email us.

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