Election Day Alert: Nevada Law Provides For Paid Time Off To Vote In Certain Circumstances

Volume 7, Issue 10
October 30, 2008

As we prepare for the general election on Tuesday, November 4, 2008, it is important to remember that Nevada Revised Statute 293.463 allows registered voters paid time off from work to vote if "it is impracticable for [them] to vote before or after [their] work hours." Employees must seek permission for time off to vote before the day of the election. The amount of time off to be given to an employee depends on the distance from work to his/her polling location: if the distance is 2 miles or less, the employee is entitled to 1 hour off; if the distance is more than 2 miles but not more than 10 miles, the employee is entitled to 2 hours off; if the distance is more than 10 miles, the employee is entitled to 3 hours off. An employee who uses such leave may not be discharged, disciplined or otherwise penalized because of his absence from work.

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