Nevada Legislature Moving to Increase Minimum Wage

Volume 4, Issue 3
March 30, 2003

Last November, Nevada voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure proposing an amendment to the state constitution that would govern the state minimum wage. The language of the proposed amendment would set the state minimum wage at $5.15 per hour for employers who offer their employees health benefits, and would increase the minimum wage to $6.15 per hour for all other employers. The amendment would also mandate annual "adjustments" in the minimum wage to reflect changes in the consumer price index and increases in the federal minimum wage law - whichever is greater. Before this constitutional amendment can become effective, however, voters must approve the measure again in 2006. The current minimum wage laws will remain in effect at least until that time.

Recently, the Nevada legislature introduced legislation that, if enacted, would bring about the proposed changes in Nevada's minimum wage laws much sooner than November 2006. Assembly Bill 87 would amend Nevada's minimum wage statute to include most of the changes proposed by the ballot initiative. The Assembly approved the bill on February 28, 2005 and it has since been referred to the Senate Committee on Commerce and Labor. Whether or not this bill becomes law depends on you. Make sure your state representatives know your position on this legislation before it is too late.

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