Employer Reports 2003

KZA Employer Report - Volume 2, Issue 19 - December 18, 2003

EEOC Suing Sephora for Instituting English-Only Rule

Manager’s Termination for Pursuing Intimate Relationship with Subordinate Did Not Violate Manager’s Privacy Rights

Ninth Circuit Rules that Employer’s Failure to Pay Advance Arbitration Fees Results in Waiver of Right to Arbitrate and Clears the Way for Litigation in the Courts

KZA Employer Report - Volume 2, Issue 18 - December 8, 2003

Supreme Court Reverses Ninth Circuit Court and Finds That a No-Hire Policy is a Legitimate Nondiscriminatory Reason for Refusing to Rehire Former Employee Terminated for Violating Work Rules

Off Duty Supreme Court Will Consider Whether Constructive Discharge is a Tangible Employment Action

KZA Employer Report - Volume 2, Issue 17 - November 1, 2003

Supervisor Who Placed Female Employee in Position Rendering Her Vulnerable to Sexual Advances Held Personally Liable for Fraud

Off Duty Employees Enjoy Access Rights to Employer’s Property for Organizational Activities Under the National Labor Relations Act

KZA’s 6th Annual Labor & Employment Seminar Recap

KZA Employer Report - Volume 2, Issue 16 - October 15, 2003

Is Your Company Ready for “Empleo”, a Joint State and Federal Effort in Nevada to Help Hispanic Employees Address Job Discrimination, Wage Issues, and Other Workplace Grievances?

In a Trio of Cases, NLRB Finds Employers Liable for Issuing and Enforcing Rules Prohibiting Employees From Discussing Salaries and Wages

Ninth Circuit Court Applies Joint Employer Analysis and Finds Employee’s Total Hours Worked for Two Employers Count Toward Weekly Overtime Pay Computations

KZA Employer Report - Volume 2, Issue 15 - October 3, 2003

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rebuffs EEOC’s Quest to Prohibit Use of Mandatory Agreements to Arbitrate Title VII Claims: Is It Time To Consider Such Implementation?

KZA Employer Report - Volume 2, Issue 14 - October 1, 2003

Nevada Labor Commissioner’s Newly Expanded Investigatory Powers

New Nevada Laws Impact Employers’ Ability to Decrease Wages and Make Changes to Paydays

LEGISLATIVE ALERT! — Senator Schumer Introduces Bill Easing Unions’ Ability to Organize Employees and Compelling Collective Bargaining Agreements

KZA Employer Report - Volume 2, Issue 13 - September 24, 2003

Ninth Circuit Rules that Eating is a Major Life Activity Under the ADA Requiring Reasonable Accomidation by the Employer

Ninth Circuit Court Applies “Joint Employer” Test in FMLA Case

Marijuana Brownies and Collecting Workers’ Compensation Benefits: The Nevada Supreme Court Examines the Connection

KZA Employer Report - Volume 2, Issue 12 - September 16, 2003

Coerced Sexual Acts With Supervisor Constitute “Tangible Employment Actions” Under Title VII Subjecting Employers to Vicarious Liability

Ninth Circuit Rules That Employer Must Pay Workers for Putting On and Taking Off Safety Gear

KZA Employer Report - Volume 2, Issue 11 - September 5, 2003

Only 1 Week Left to Register for Kamer Zucker & Abbott’s 6th Annual Labor & Employment Seminar!

KZA Employer Report - Volume 2, Issue 10 - August 20, 2003

Ninth Circuit Deals Yet Another Blow to “Direct Threat” Defense Under ADA

Ninth Circuit Court Expands Potential Remedies for Race Discrimination

NERC Given the Ability to Fast Track Cases

KZA Employer Report - Volume 2, Issue 9 - July 21, 2003

HR Focus: Failure to Take EEOC Investigation Process Seriously Can Have Grave Consequences for Employers

Department of Labor One Step Closer to Implementing New Overtime Provisions

Nevada Labor Commissioner Receives Award for Reducing Backlog of Wage Claims and Collecting Record Numbers in Back Wages and Penalties

KZA Employer Report - Volume 2, Issue 8 - July 3, 2003

Tick-Tock...KZA’s Annual Labor & Employment Seminar is Fast Approaching

KZA Employer Report - Volume 2, Issue 7 - June 11, 2003

Supreme Court Relaxes Standard of Proof for Plaintiffs in “Mixed Motive” Discrimination Cases

KZA Employer Report - Volume 2, Issue 6 - June 2, 2003

Past Acts of Discrimination Can Come Back to Haunt You: Ninth Circuit Rules on “Continuing Violation” and Background Evidence Theories

Supreme Court Expands Scope of FMLA for State Employees

Nevada Legislature Almost Gutted State’s Right to Work Law

SAVE THE DATE - October 17, 2003: KZA’s 6th Annual Labor and Employment Seminar

KZA Employer Report - Volume 2, Issue 5 - May 23, 2003

Nevada Supreme Court Rejects Claim that High-Level Manager Breached Non-Compete Agreement and Fiduciary Duty

Supreme Court Provides New Guidance in Determining Who is an Employee Under the ADA

Ninth Circuit Upholds Summary Judgment for Employer in Age Discrimination Case

National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Issue Report on Recent Case Developments

KZA Employer Report - Volume 2, Issue 4 - May 1, 2003

DOL Proposes Changes to Overtime Exemptions

EEOC Reports 2002 Fiscal Year Date

Supreme Court Watch: Employer’s Non-Rehire Policy Challenged by Alleged Rehabilitatd Alcohol/Drug User

KZA Employer Report - Volume 2, Issue 3 - March 31, 2003

Employers’ Obligations Under “USERRA”

KZA Employer Report - Volume 2, Issue 2 - March 19, 2003

Employers, Are You Ready for April 14th?

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Puts Hold on Mandatory Arbitration Permission

KZA Employer Report - Volume 2, Issue 1 - January 17, 2003

Nevada Supreme Court Rules That E-mails Between Client and Attorney Retain Privileged Nature

HR Spotlight - Developing I-9 Issues

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