Nevada Legislature Almost Gutted State’s Right to Work Law

Volume 2, Issue 6
June 2, 2003

In a bill championed by labor organizations, including the Nevada State AFL-CIO, Las Vegas City Employees Association, Teamsters Union Local 14, and Laborers' Union Local 872, the Nevada Legislature was poised to pass a bill that could have seriously damaged Nevada's right to work laws. If enacted, A.B. 182 would allow labor unions to impose "service fees" on workers they view as "freeloaders," i.e. employees covered by a labor agreement, but who have exercised their legal rights under NRS 613.250 and NRS 613.260 not to join a union or pay union dues without the fear losing their jobs. Needless to say, if the bill passed, it would have been a major victory for Nevada-based labor unions.

While the Nevada Assembly passed the bill in a 23-19 vote on April 3, 2003, the bill ultimately died before the Senate's Commerce and Labor Committee due to inaction by the Committee. There is the possibility that the bill could be resurrected in an "emergency request," but such action does not seem likely.

Based on this close call, we strongly recommend that you write your legislators and let them know what you and your company's position is on such a radical change to Nevada's right to work laws.

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