Nevada Labor Commissioner Receives Award for Reducing Backlog of Wage Claims and Collecting Record Numbers in Back Wages and Penalties

Volume 2, Issue 9
July 21, 2003

Nevada Labor Commissioner Terry Johnson and his staff were recently given the 2003 Cashman Good Government Award by the Nevada Taxpayers Association for their great success in reducing the number of wage claims in the state. By the end of 2002, the Labor Commissioner's Office had reduced the number of backlogged wage claims from 2,700 to just 522.

In addition, the Labor Commissioner's office collected over $3 million in back wages and penalties last year. The largest single order for payment of back wages and penalties was issued recently against Dot1web in the amount of $429,479.00. The company had laid off the majority of its workforce in December, and over 75 former employees filed claims. Dot1web's president, Robert DeMaio, has not been in contact with Labor Commissioner Johnson despite repeated demands for wage claims and penalties. Commissioner Johnson is preparing to pursue criminal charges against DeMaio, which would make him the first Nevada Labor Commissioner to pursue criminal prosecution against an employer.

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