Is Your Company Ready for “Empleo”, a Joint State and Federal Effort in Nevada to Help Hispanic Employees Address Job Discrimination, Wage Issues, and Other Workplace Grievances?

Volume 2, Issue 16
October 15, 2003

In an effort to assist Hispanic immigrant workers find governmental help in addressing employment discrimination, wage disputes, and other workplace problems, the U.S. Department of Labor, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Nevada Labor Commissioner, the Nevada Equal Rights Commission, and the Mexican Consulate have teamed up to launch a project called Employment Education Outreach ("EMPLEO"), which went into effect on October 1, 2003. By calling a new hotline telephone number (800-289-1331), immigrant workers will receive assistance with the information necessary to pursue remedies for their workplace disputes from one of four Mexican Consulate workers.

Picked for its large Mexican workforce, Las Vegas is the third major city in the United States to have such a hotline, joining Houston and Dallas. Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Atlanta are expected to have such hotlines next year. In two years, the Houston-based project received 600 hotline calls that resulted in 2,000 workers obtaining $1.3 million in back wages.

EMPLEO follows on the heels of recent statutory changes clarifying that Nevada's labor laws apply to both legal and illegal workers. See Assembly Bill 48.

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