Firm Overview

Nevada's businesses turn to Kamer Zucker Abbott for its skillful approach to employment and labor law issues.  From handling routine inquiries to engaging in strategic decision-making, the firm works to diligently and efficiently achieve each client's particular objectives.  Our clients run the gamut from small family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.

One of KZA's core beliefs is that employers are best served through preventive efforts to minimize the potential for legal claims and litigation.  Whenever possible, the firm's attorneys provide information, training and advice to employers to help them address and resolve workplace issues before they escalate into formal, costly disputes.  When litigation does occur, KZA defends its clients vigorously, drawing upon the comprehensive knowledge and experience honed over more than a quarter century of successful litigation and appellate practice.

By working directly with clients, the firm's lawyers are able to pinpoint potential legal issues, gauge their impact on business operations, and offer straightforward, practical strategies and solutions.  KZA's emphasis on clarity allows business professionals to fully understand the extent of potential legal exposure, possible costs and the optimal way to resolve an issue.

Effectively resolving employment and labor law issues often requires decisive and deliberate action.  If you are facing a labor or employment issue, please contact us as soon as possible.

To schedule an initial consultation with KZA, call 702-259-8640 or email the firm.